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 “Agoraphobia” is another term that is tossed around, usually associated with panic.  If you look up the meaning of “agoraphobia”, you may end up with something as useful as “a fear of open spaces”.  If you the get a mental picture of the meaning of the word as upon walking out into a large pasture, beads of sweat appearing on your brow, I’m right with you.  Cowaphobia, anyone? Mooooooo.

 Actually, there’s nothing subtle about agoraphobia at all and no one will have to spell it out for you if your panic disorder decides to add this profoundly nasty variant.  Basically, you will be scared to death to be any place except a couple places you consider “safe”, like perhaps a favorite chair.  Even leaving the house to get the mail may well cause dread-walking across a room may require some time to summon up the courage for the journey.  Being more than a short distance from your house may cause you to cry from fright; malls seem to have shiny walls and floors that make you wonder if you may have to crawl out of the area on your hands and knees.  Walking is a perpetual state of lightheadedness, like (I made this phrase up) “walking on pillows”.  Life is a constant state of fearing that you will have to go somewhere or do something; that’s pretty much what you think about all the time.  Constant.  Twenty-four hours a day; no holidays, no escaping into sleep.









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