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The Purpose of this Web site

In this world of misinformation and wildly -biased propaganda on many topics ( the topic of politics comes immediately to mind), I want to make you, the reader, some assurances.  I've already stated that I've been in the pharmaceutical business for over thirty years, and if I read that about another person, I'd be suspicious that the writer was either writing to enhance the pharmaceutical company image (and that image does need enhancing) or that the person was writing because they had an axe to grind.  I think I'd gravitate towards the first possibility, since there are many folks that write implicitly glowing articles about corporate topics or represent corporate interests and make a darn good living at it.  To be blunt: in our current age, there are a lot of people paid to try and convince people of things that probably aren't true, but are profitable.  That isn't what this site is about.

Medicine, and therefore, drugs, and therefore, pharmaceutical companies,  are an important  part of all our lives-both the quality and quantity of life has increased because of advances in medicinal care over the last hundred years.  But with these advances has come a need for greater sophistication on the part of the consumer.  Wow, that was a self-evidenct sentence.  Assuming that you agree with me that we need to know where those little pills we are told will "help" us in some way came from and if the risk in taking them is worth the possible benefit, where do you get accurate information on which to base your decision?   Certainly  your doctor and your pharmacist are the primary sources of advice on the effects of medication, but who do you go to to find out how that medication made it to market in the first place?  The purpose of this Web site is to fill in that important information gap that not only most consumers have, but most medical personnel have as well.

 Content on this Web site  is for informational purposes only. We do not provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and direct our readers to qualified professionals for such services.  We do not accept either funding nor advertising from any source.  Our mission is solely informational and is directed toward a  non-professional audience.  Any correspondence with the owner of this site will be held in strictest confidence.